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About Our Business

The top management of the company has been involved in optical
media manufacture and packaging for almost a decade and
understands the fast pace industry, the players, the market
dynamics of media replication and duplication fields like nobody
else. He also has the know-how and in-depth knowledge in import
& export business as he was manager of an import & export firm
for a few years. Our top management also has decades of valuable
experience working with government and business.  He
possesses a wealth of management expertise which will help
steer LDB into the right business direction and  embark onto a
successful growth path.  
LDB has contract manufacturers in China that make products
exclusively for the company.  We also have a Corporate Purchasing
Agent in Guangzhou who not only sources the best products and
negotiates the best deals on our behalf but also performs QA on
those products strictly to meet our quality and packaging standards
. Understanding the market  and import & export operations, we
could take container load order and get the job done cost effectively.

Contact Information

Telephone: 402-991-1999     Toll free: 800-370-2197
Fax:  402-991-8889
Postal address:  4517-19 S. 88th St. Omaha NE 68127

E mail:
Sales: sales@ldbenterprises.com
Customer Support: info@ldbenterprises.com